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The Club

The club is a gathering of like-minded owners of classic and vintage (and even some Veteran) vehicles, meeting on the first Monday of each month at the Rising Sun public house at Halls Green, near Weston. Set in delightful countryside on a quiet lane, the pub has excellent beers, and a large car park that is ideal for our gatherings.

Most club nights in the warmer and lighter months see a wide variety of vehicles on display and the opportunity for members, friends, and the public to chat about all things to do with 'proper motoring'.

There is little formality in proceedings, and anyone is welcome to attend a meeting before making the decision to join. The annual subscription is just £20 per year, from April 2024. For practical purposes only, the number of members is limited to 120.

Email: to find out if we are full. This email facility is temporarily inop.

The club organises occasional speakers, joint meetings with other car clubs, and attendance at shows and rallies for either individual or group entry - where we will have a club stand.

A club magazine is published bi-monthly, and contributions of stories and pictures are always welcome.

To get in touch, click the contact link above. This email facility is temporarily inop.

We look forward to meeting you.

The photos below show a small sample of the cars that we have in our club.

Riley Monaco.jpg
Alvis flipped.jpg

1929 Riley Monaco

1952 Alvis TA21

1963 Humber Sceptre

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