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Prize winner at the Hertford

Cars at the Castle event
Chris Hucker's Corvette won best paint work of the show on a very busy and sunny Sunday 2nd June. Well done, Chris.

Photo courtesy of Simon Ansell.


Prize winner at the Baldock Show

Keth's marvellous Humber Sceptre won a prize at the recent Baldock town centre car show.

Baldock Humber Sceptre 24.jpg

Prize winner at the Chiltern Hills classic car show 

Bob Adams writes:
Much to my surprise my car, 1984 Mercedes 280 SL won Best in Class at Chiltern Hills classic car show yesterday, the class was for cars built between 1971 and 1985 and was the largest category at the show.

Bob Adams.jpg

Not in that car?

Our Club Chairman organised a talk by Roy Locock during the club's last monthly club meeting. Roy Locock had driven his 1977 MG Midget alone around the world in 2008/9. She became the first MG to circumnavigate the globe in a single run. We were lucky enough to see his machine at our meeting.

Richard and Roy posed together for the photo below.


Best of British Shuttleworth event Sunday, 12th May 2024

The editor's car was lucky enough to be chosen from the Best of British cars, attending the recent event at Shuttleworth, to take part in the parade on the airfield. Quite an experience.

The Popular Popular croped.jpg

Treasure Hunt

11 May 2024

I have lived in the area for over 30 years, and it is always a surprise when I find I don’t know the area as well as I thought I did. For instance, I never knew who made the flagpole in Saint Mary's churchyard, Walkern and now I do. I know quite a lot of other things too now. I know that we live in a delightful area of the country made even better today by bright sunshine bathing our bucolic Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Our expanded knowledge is owed to the industry and endeavour of club member Craig Johnson, and his nephew. Last year Craig had arranged for a Spitfire to fly over our final destination. This year he excelled himself by lighting up the previous evening’s sky with vivid aurora borealis.

What will happen next year?

The 2024 Treasure Hunt started off with the rapid consumption of bacon rolls produced at The Lollywood Café on Fairclough Hall Farm. An excellent base from which to pour over the maps provided by Craig during the briefing. After our pouring we set off in all directions in an effort to find 8 out of 10 clues, and extra challenges, whilst covering the least number of miles. Over forty boys and girls steered and guided their twenty plus cars from our origin to The Rusty Gun on the Codicote Road. The resulting forms, feathers, pinecones, newsletters, and beer mats etc were gathered in at the final destination so that a supercomputer, (AI aided) could crunch the numbers and determine the winning team.

The answer should be revealed on Club night.

A great morning out and a big thank you to Craig for his impeccable organisational skills. Thank you too to all who took part and those who catered for us at Lollywood Café.


An urgent call-to-action from the FBHVC

Our Club is a member of the FBHVC. The FBHVC has asked our Club members to complete a questionnaire concerning the Government announcement of 9th May of a wide-ranging consultation about the registration of historic vehicles. 

In total, the consultation asks 50 questions in 12 subject headings. It covers all historic vehicles - not solely cars - of all types and are all represented within the Federation.

Please find attached a Press Release (in PDF) explaining how the Federation has set out its provisional position on each of the areas and is calling for your feedback in an online questionnaire.





The questionnaire is accessed through this link: Evidence Form - FBHVC - Call For Evidence


David Davis writes:

I have for sale a large and originally very expensive car cover for sale. It has woollen lining and a semi waterproof outer coating; however, I would not use it outside.

It is suited to a large saloon car or sports car. It’s a size E from First Class Editions so anyone interested can look the size up in their website. I would like to offer it for sale to a club member.

Picture of it rolled up is shown.

Guide price £60.

Also for sale is a brand new solar powered battery charger.  Guide price £30

Car cover 1.jpg
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