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A busy night in our home pub 'The Rising Sun' saw Nick Salmon and Allan McNabb provide varied and interesting questions to a cheerful and jocular crowd of members and guests. Picture rounds of adulterated and unadulterated pictures got us guessing (intelligently in some cases). A round on the Highway Code quite rightly had made some wonder how they had driven themselves to the venue in a safe and legal manner and a round on the Formula 1 Championship had us scratching our heads. Finally scores were added up and results announced: a team including David Mee won the evening much to David's shocked surprise. His team was rightly awarded the magnificent trophy.

Great fun. Thank you to Nick and Allan, and all who joined in. 


Drive It Day

The following has been received from the FBHVC.  The LGCCVCC is a member Club.

National ‘Drive it Day’/‘Ride it Day’ is the annual opportunity to raise awareness and support amongst the public for the historic vehicle movement and keeping heritage on UK roads.

It sees clubs schedule regional and local events throughout the country on Sunday 21 April 2024

Importantly, it also raises funds for the NSPCC’s Childline. We use yesterday’s vehicles to support today’s children.

Fundraising is an integrated part of ‘Drive it Day’, in which our movement comes together to contribute to a section of society that needs huge help and support – vulnerable children.

This money is raised by the purchase by drivers and riders of a fundraising ‘Drive it Day’ rally plaque. It’s an easy way for drivers and riders to show their support, and donate vital funds.

Last year, we raised a record £51,000 and we’d like to beat that in 2024!

A variety of rally plaques, for bikes and cars, (or just make a donation) are available now at



Your Chairman Richard Bailey, and Richard Hamilton, recently attended the annual FBHVC Expo at Gaydon. Talks were given by various speakers, some from within the FBHVC and some from external partners. The two partnerships most relevant to our Club were from Motul oil company and PJ Insurance. More information will be promulgated soon. 

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