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Club Apparel



LGCCVCC apparel is offered for sale by club member Keith Halsey.

Additional garment options have been introduced by Keith in April 24.

The range of garments now includes body warmers (Gillet) polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleece, caps, T shirts, ladies vest tops with the embroidered club logo,

and personalised car embroidery, if required are available in 12 colours.


Keith says - To order any items please email me with the order form and notify me of your payment. Personalised artwork is not a problem, but it does have setup costs. I can then put the order in. The garments can take two or three weeks to come through, depending on how busy my supplier is and when he can fit the run in. He does his best. The more I have the better it is. They are sent to me. I will pass them on to you at the next available club meeting.

My email is:

Gentle prompting ahead


Wearing one of Keith's garments is so useful at a Club monthly meeting, or other Club event, as it aids the identification of the wearer.

The addition of a picture of your car is an added bonus.

With 120 members and our sometimes not too sharp memory it is not always easy to recall who is who.

If you buy and wear one of these club garments peace and tranquillity will reign.

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